2022 and Beyond: Our Vision and Predictions of Where Travel is Going with Erik Mueller and Dave Lukas

This webinar features Grasp President/CEO Erik Mueller and Grasp VP/CSO Dave Lukas where they discuss what the future holds and how TMCs, Travel Managers, and suppliers can chart their course as we look ahead.



Erik Mueller

President/CEO at Grasp Technologies

Erik founded Grasp Technologies in 1996. Since then, he has become a leading expert in the field of travel technology. Along with the team at Grasp, Erik has created countless solutions for TMCs, agencies, and Corporate Travel Departments worldwide. He is responsible for creating the first automated Graphic Reporting System for the travel industry and is considered the foremost industry expert on data consolidation and visualization.




Dave Lukas

VP and CSO at Grasp Technologies

Dave M. Lukas is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and investor. His companies have been on the Entrepreneur 365 and INC 5000 List 7 times and currently do business in over 70 countries. He has been featured on radio, TV, and many top trade publications and web such as Forbes, INC, Yahoo! Finance, BTN, BTE, and others. Dave joined Grasp over 15 years ago first as an investor and has served in the VP/CSO role since 2011. During Dave’s tenure, Grasp has expanded services to clients in over 50 countries and has grown over 800%.

Dave Lukas



Rick George

SVP, Global Enterprise Group at Grasp Technologies

Rick George is the Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise Sales at Grasp Technologies and has over 30 years of senior leadership experience with companies in the travel, financial services and printing verticals. He joined Grasp over 9 years ago and has been in the travel technology space for over 17 years. Outside of work, Rick and his wife Susan enjoy wine collecting, cooking and planning their next travel adventure.



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