Data Security Deep Dive With Grasp Technologies

Listen to an in-depth discussion on Travel Data Security. We cover security best practices for TMCs, CTDs, and Agencies. We also discuss security breaches, phishing, ransomware, and other common security issues. Additionally, we talk about how to mitigate your risk exposure through technology and by empowering employees with a stronger awareness of everyday threats. 

We frame the conversation to make it relevant to the industry we live and breathe: travel. It is common for many in technology to have awareness of standard windows platforms and programs but we also discuss if there are additional concerns around travel systems like GDS interfaces, back-office databases, or transmitting information by SFTP (a typical way to transfer data). 



Bob Bellas

Chief Infrastructure Officer at Grasp Technologies

With 30 years of experience in information technology, IT consulting and infrastructure management; Bob provides data security training for Grasp Technologies’ clients as well as our internal staff.



Michael Duffy

Product and Innovation at Grasp Technologies

Mike has over 20 years in the travel technology industry, which include experience at TMCs and agencies. He specializes in a broad scope of activities ranging from programming to airline and GDS APIs, working with back office data, travel payments. Mike also helped bring products to life like GraspHOPR and GraspPAY.

Michael Duffy



Vice President Sales at Grasp Technologies

Michael Robertson works with organizations to craft solutions to challenges facing them in the Travel and Expense industry. With nearly 2 decades of experience in Travel, Expense and Customer Education he consistently strives to find simple and elegant approaches and has a history of challenging historic thinking with innovative ideas. Michael attended Foster School of Business at the University of Washington where he graduated with a focus on Finance and Quantitative Methods, so he is always looking to put a data driven and financial framework around the solutions.


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